Paws Inn has been so busy with improvements, our blog has been neglected.  But an inspirational story about Darwin Shetland Sheep dog, Cruze, has inspired us to write.

After a terrible motor accident in August, the beloved dog fled the crash and was missing for nearly a month. If ever we needed to know how precious our family members with four legs are, Google the story of the “missing Darwin dog”.   The dog’s owner, Kay, who suffered broken ribs in the crash says in a shaking voice to rescuers: “don’t worry about me. Find my dog”.   Three and bit weeks later, when Cruze was found, an emotional Kay declared it was a “miracle”.

In fact so precious are these family members that many pet owners just won’t go on holidays if they can’t take their pet.   Richard Noone wrote in the Telegraph recently that a pet company survey showed 90 percent of pet owners would postpone or cancel a holiday if they could not find someone suitable to look after their pet.

Another Telegraph writer, Jennifer Veerhuis, had more interesting facts about pet ownership.  In an interview with University of Western Sydney senior lecturer in the school of social science and phychology, Dr Emma Power, Dr Power described pets as “someone who you come home to at the end of the day and help to make the house a happy, bright place.  They are someone that people can have a chat to or cuddle up with if things aren’t going quite right.”  In short, part of the family.

Vet, Dr Liisa Ahlstrom told Jennifer that living with pets can improve your cardiovascular health with fewer visits to the doctor and fewer sick days adding:  “The psychological benefits include high self-esteem, positivity and empathy in children and more resilience to cope with grief and stress and less depression in adults.”

For balance, animal behaviourist, Dr Joanne Righette told Jennifer that besides helping with stress and helping lower blood pressure, pets CAN raise blood pressure too.  Her message, always worth repeating, is to do your homework and choose the right pet, in particular the right dog, for you and your lifestyle.

As they say in the correct journalistic circles, of which Jackie was a member for 42 years …!….  a declared interest at this point.

Paws Inn over the past four years has taken in dogs for weekly day care and house visits who have not always been best suited to their owners’ situations.  Some too big &/or too lively for the size of home; in need of doggy company stimulation; and most importantly in need of a daily hour long adventure/walk that John gives our customers.

A check of our Testimonials Page shows a few examples of the many pets who’ve come to stay at the Inn, allowing their owners their first holiday away in ages.