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Dog Boarding Sydney


After the usual hectic Christmas/New Year holidays, Paws Inn is back on track for the coming year.
John has returned from his holiday in London. Big dogs can now look forward to their boot marches on the bush track.

The best way of contacting us at Paws Inn is by completing our Booking Form on line &/or by text messaging.
Paws Inn is a small family business. We may be out walking dogs or busy inside without access to our phones.
We'll get back to you ASAP.

The regular customers who will be joining this year may miss their one regular friend who always met them on arrival -- the owners' beloved Staffy, Braxton. The tough old man has headed over the rainbow to join some of his pals who've made it onto our Doggy Heaven Page.

Dog Boarding Sydney
Doggy Day Care Sydney

dog boarding sydney
Doggy daycare Sydney
Dog boarding Sydney
doggy daycare Sydney

Paws Inn supplies treats and checks with owners if any are not suitable for their dog. They are a welcome offering after walks and play time.


Dog Boarding Sydney
Dog Boarding Sydney

Jackie knows that rest is as important as exercise and the all important sniffing.   As Paws Inn offers a home environment,  four legged guests are welcome to watch TV on the sofa .... IF allowed by their owner.


Dog boarding Sydney Eastern Suburbs
Dog boarding Sydney Eastern Suburbs

It's while resting after a busy day at the Inn, that friends are made.

Lots of Cuddles

And really good friends love a cuddle.